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Download The Ultimate Guide to Hotel Revenue Strategy

In this first of its kind compilation, learn everything you need to know about revenue management principles like segmenting and forecasting all the way up to advanced Revenue Strategy and the breakthrough concept of Open Pricing.

The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management
Hospitality Revenue Management involves big data, demand forecasting techniques, pricing optimization models and next-generation technology platforms. This Smart Decision Guide is intended for decision makers, including hotel and resort operators, property managers and owners, who are looking to bring the science of next-generation revenue management to their businesses.
4 Ways Dynamic Reinvestment Reignites Your Casino’s Revenue
Big Data can take the “gut feeling” out of reinvestment strategy, letting your casino reward its highest-value guests while maximizing revenue and profits.
The Revenue Manager’s Guide to Advanced Guest Segmentation
How additional segments allow hotels to offer consumers room rates that are more tailored to their preferences and more profitable for business.
Examining the Future of Hotel Loyalty
Follow these four easy steps to begin building a next-generation loyalty strategy.
General Managers: Streamline Operations With a Centralized RMS
In this whitepaper you’ll read how having forecasted demand, smart alerts and competitor rates at your fingertips will greatly impact the performance of your hotel.
How Rate Parity Changes Will Affect your Revenue Strategy

In this whitepaper you will learn 10 steps revenue managers can take to adapt to a post-rate parity world.
How Revenue Management will Improve your Budget
This whitepaper will explain how to create a living budget and a fluid revenue strategy that will help your hotel shoot past revenue goals.
How to Manage OTA Channels More Profitably
In this whitepaper you can learn 9 useful tips to increase profits on the rooms that are distributed through OTAs.
Web Shopping Data: The Secret to Unconstrained Demand
In this whitepaper we explain how you can use regrets and denials to measure the demand of your hotel and the price sensitivity of your potential guests.
Bringing Predictive Analytics to the Hotel Industry
A guide to predictive analytics and its impact on hotel revenue strategy.
Drive Profits by Implementing an Open Pricing Strategy
A practical guide to help hoteliers move away from traditional and limiting pricing strategies to maximize profitability.
Stop Using Excel: The Benefits of a Revenue Management System
Learn why you should ditch Excel for a user-friendly and automated revenue management solution.
Fine-Tune your Hotel Forecast with Big Data
The seven layers of data that will more accurately predict upcoming business.
Opening the Doors to New Revenue
Best-available-rate (BAR) pricing has been at the core of traditional revenue management for years but with the advent of new channels it has now become antiquated. In this whitepaper you can learn how the new Open Pricing model works and how you can start implementing this new strategy to maximize your hotel’s profits.
A Beginner’s Guide to Hotel Revenue Management
Get started with hotel revenue management in a few simple steps.
How Are You Pricing Your Hotel Rooms?
In this whitepaper you will see the seven most common room pricing mistakes that could cost your hotel big money.
8 Tips for an Effective Room Pricing Strategy
In this whitepaper you can learn eight advanced tips that will help you ensuring you are pricing your rooms effectively and increasing your bottom line.
8 Steps to Improving Hotel Demand Forecasts
The clearer the picture you have of upcoming demand, the better you can prepare accordingly in many phases of operation, from staffing to marketing to pricing. In this whitepaper you can read 8 tips for improving your hotel demand forecasting.
4 Keys to a Profitable Hotel Distribution Strategy
Determining what inventory to sell and where has become a critical step in running a profitable hotel.
How to Align Revenue Management and Marketing
In this whitepaper you will learn why Marketing and Revenue Management should work together and the steps required to bridge the gap between the two disciplines
Moving from Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy
A holistic and integrated revenue strategy must be implemented to combat the increasing commissions that threaten the profitability of hoteliers. (for more information go to www.hsmai.org)
Effective Hotel Revenue Management
In this paper you will learn how hotel revenue management is evolving and why revenue management systems, when deployed correctly, have been proven to directly generate a significant increase in room sales, ADR and RevPAR.
Stepping Up your Game: Revenue Management for the Casino Industry
Casino marketers who practice basic revenue management can turn their lucrative gaming property into a profit-generating machine. In this whitepaper you will read how revenue management allows you to observe trends in the marketplace and determine the right price to get the most profit.
How to Optimize Total Casino Resort Profitability
In this whitepaper we will explain how casino resorts can make better reinvestment decisions and what tools are available to optimize total resort profitability.
Leverage Big Data to Boost Your Casino Hotel Profits
Big Data is leading to better forecasting, which is helping casinos operate more efficiently and market to players more effectively. In this whitepaper you will learn how you can use big data to forecast the demand for your casino hotel more accurately.