How Digital Marketing Can Power Your Hotel Revenue Strategy
Learn about the benefits of bringing marketing and Revenue Strategy together, including a renewed focus on Book Direct.
Rethinking Hotel Technology
Migrate your systems to a cloud-based architecture to get a fresh look at Revenue Strategy and operations.
How Hotel Revenue Strategy Unlocks Profit Growth
Discover the ways new data sources enable Open Pricing and maximize hotels’ profitability.
Transform Your Casino Revenue Management to Maximize Profits
Learn how properties and their tech partners align their strategies to help casinos make data-driven decisions — not bets — to grow profitability.
Optimizing Your Hotel’s Online Distribution Strategy
Hotels have virtually unlimited options when it comes to distribution channels, but inventory is limited to the number of rooms available to sell. How can you ensure that you’re choosing the right channels — and the right prices to convert offers into bookings — needed to maximize your hotel’s profits?
3 Hotel Technology Trends to Capitalize on in 2017
Hotel technology is changing more rapidly than any other part of the hospitality industry, complicating hotels’ task of finding their next breakthrough. Innovations in cloud-based systems, mobile platforms and loyalty strategies are enabling hotels to personalize their offers and experiences for guests better than ever before.
Optimizing Casino Profits via Dynamic Reinvestment
New casino Revenue Strategy solutions use predictive analytics and spending data from across the new profit centers of integrated resorts to value guests more holistically than ever before. These data-driven insights can lead to more targeted loyalty offers, upgrades and marketing — and, ultimately, better profitability.
The Future of Hotel Loyalty
As distribution gets more complex and expensive, hotels rely on loyalty programs to incentivize their most profitable guests to book direct. But how do brands and owners differentiate their offerings, when the industry’s rewards programs feature the same perks and static discounts?
How to Select a Hotel Revenue Management System
In this webinar you’ll learn what buying considerations should influence the purchase decision of a revenue management system and how properties can maximize the value of the investment.
The 7 Layers of Data That Will Improve Your Room Pricing
From historical booking information to newer consumer-centric data sets like web shopping behaviors and guest reviews, this webinar will help you understand future demand more accurately and how different data sets can affect pricing.
Predictive Analytics for the Hotel Industry
In this webinar produced by EyeforTravel, Pavan Kapur (SVP of Analytics & Revenue Optimization at Atlantis Paradise) and Araz Feyzi (Director of Product and Analytics at Duetto) will discuss the importance for hoteliers of leveraging big data and predictive analytics to understand demand and making room pricing decisions.
Independent Hotels: Boost your RevPAR with Revenue Management
This webinar will take you from basic practices to advanced pricing strategies that will allow you to better manage distribution complexity and drive more profitability.
Understanding the Basics of Casino Revenue Management
The practice of revenue management is helping casino managers market their casino to the right audience and price their product to boost bottom-line revenue. In this webinar you will learn the fundamental concepts behind casino revenue management (segmenting, forecasting, pricing etc) and how to get started in a few simple steps.
Leverage Integrated Hotel Systems to Boost Revenue per Guest
Choosing the right technology can be one of the most difficult decisions for a hotel but also one of the most important. In this webinar you will learn how to choose the right systems for your hotel, how the different technologies can be integrated together and how to measure their ROI.
Transitioning from Excel to a Revenue Management System
Are you relying on spreadsheets to make critical forecasting and pricing decisions? Watch this webinar to learn how you can make the transition to a revenue management system and how it will impact your daily job.
Getting Started with Hotel Revenue Management
In this webinar we’ll show the necessary steps to get started with revenue management, as well as real-life examples of how it can increase the RevPAR and profit of your hotel.This introduction to revenue management is perfect for hotel owners and operators who want to get started.
Rethinking Segmentation: The First Step to Hotel Revenue Management
This webinar will provide a tutorial on how to get started with segmentation and then go beyond the basics so you can better forecast demand, price inventory and ultimately increase your revenue per available room.
The Secrets to Hotel Demand Forecasting
This webinar will provide a tutorial on how to get started with forecasting and move to more advanced topics from there. Understand the difference between constrained demand and unconstrained demand and how using different sources of data can provide more visibility into the future.
The Science Behind Hotel Room Pricing
This webinar will take you from basic strategies to advanced pricing concepts and arm you with the information you need to begin optimizing your revenue.
Advanced Tips From Revenue Management Professionals
Revenue strategy experts with decades of experience at some of the biggest hotel brands will share best practices and other revenue management lessons learned from their careers. Find out the one thing they wish they knew when they started out in the field and a few mistakes they could have avoided.
Cutting-Edge Revenue Strategies for Hotels
In this webinar you will learn how you can leverage new technologies and pricing approaches to maximize the profitability of your hotel. (with Tnooz)