Use Duetto to Drive RevPAR

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In this live demo you’ll learn how using Duetto’s GameChanger platform helps improving operations, accurately forecasting demand and optimizing the price of your hotel rooms. We will take a in-depth look at booking curve, reports, alerts, room type yielding, pricing rules and more.

Webinar Agenda

  • The main benefits of the Duetto Revenue Strategy platform
  • A review of the homepage, booking curve and Smart Alerts
  • Manage Rates page: open pricing in action!
  • How to analyze website activity report (regrets and denials)
  • How to manage Room Type Rates (yielding by room type), Restrictions and Pricing Rules
  • An overview of the most important reports (Production, Financial Forecast, Yielding)

Look Who’s Talking

Chris Knothe

Senior Solutions Engineer

Chris has been working in the hotel industry for over 15 years, spending more than half of his career in revenue management. Before Duetto, Chris was Director of Revenue at Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, achieving 15% revenue growth during his tenure. He also worked as Director of Revenue Management for Greenwich Hospitality Group and Rosewood Hotels. He is an alumnus of Hotel & Restaurant Management School in Hamburg, Germany and of the Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.