Independent Hotels: Boost your RevPAR with Revenue Management

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Revenue management is a critical component to running an efficient and profitable hotel today. It is especially important for independent hotels, who don’t benefit from the resources and negotiating power that come with a big brand. This webinar will take you from basic practices to advanced pricing strategies that will allow you to better manage distribution complexity and drive more profitability.

Webinar Agenda

  • Learn the basics of revenue management
  • Understanding customer acquisition costs and the dynamic digital landscape
  • Common pricing mistakes to avoid
  • Use Open Pricing to better manage distribution
  • Automate functions with alerts and price rules

Look Who’s Talking

Dan Yacker

Vice President Global Strategic Alliances

Dan leads the creation, management and business development with strategic partnerships as well as sales to and with those organizations. He works closely with hospitality technology vendors as well as large consultancies that help promote revenue strategy and Duetto. Prior to Duetto he was Vice President Business Development at Digby, a leader in location-based mobile engagement and has held leadership roles at companies including HP Software, Opsware, Trustwave, Cisco and Avaya.