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Answering questions about hotel overbooking and walking guests

by Deon Wagener |

“Overbooking” or being “walked” are terms few people were familiar with unless they had spent time working in the hospitality or airline industries. That was until a video of a bloodied doctor being removed from an overfilled United Airlines flight spread like wildfire.

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How to be strategic when history is no longer relevant

by Augustin Cacot |

The U.K. and European market is one in constant flux. We’ve seen security threats in key locations such as Paris and Brussels, the drop in value of the pound, the forging of a new relationship between the U.K. and Europe, and an upturn in demand for Spanish beach resorts as tourists re-route from North Africa. Who could have predicted such upheaval in the market?

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5 Keys to Understanding the Value of Room-Type Pricing

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor |

Suppose you operate a hotel with three room types: superior rooms, suites and pool villas. Because you’re in a warm climate, you’re anticipating high demand for the month of December. Looking 120 days into the future, how confident are you in your ability to determine the right incremental price increases between each of your room types?

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Driving Revenue in an Era of Uncertainty: Use Data to See the Unseen

by Nathaniel E. Green, Senior Global Solutions Engineer |

There’s little doubt that global markets are in a state of flux right now. The UK’s vote on 23 June to leave the EU, together with the increasing security risk across Europe and elsewhere, has resulted in many hotel professionals trying to guess the implications of this on their demand.

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