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Are Hotels Using Big Data to Their Advantage?

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor |

Big Data and predictive analytics are poised to make a major mark on hotel revenue management in 2017. Access to new, forward-looking data sets are expected to provide additional insight into market demand, and integrating customer data will allow hotels to better anticipate their guests’ needs and personalize every aspect of the guest stay, including a tailored rate.

Duetto’s Most Popular Revenue Strategy Blogs of 2016

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor |

As we’ve written before, we think the hotel industry is in the midst of a major evolution in the way it uses technology to market rooms, acquire customers and ensure guest satisfaction. As the battle for bookings between brands and OTAs continues, distribution at the end of 2017 should look radically different than it does today. We predict a much more customer-centric focus, including major steps toward the ability to personalize offers and experiences to each and every guest.

Duetto’s Most Popular Videos of 2016

by Mark Brandau, Assistant Director of Content |

Duetto’s gallery of educational content grew by more than 80 videos in 2016, showcasing the company’s thought leadership in hotel Revenue Strategy, knowledge of industry trends, and tips for getting the most out of revenue management platforms and practices. But mostly, viewers couldn’t get enough of puppets pushing buttons.

How Revenue Management Can Help You Prepare For Downturn

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor |

It’s no secret that hotel operating costs are on the rise, in many cases at an even higher clip than revenue. Hoteliers are pointing to inflated digital marketing costs, and with the emergence of new distribution channels like Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook, the cost of acquiring guests is higher than ever before.

Is the honeymoon over for Dubai’s hotels?

by Michael McCartan, Managing Director, EMEA |

Dubai has long been favoured as a luxury honeymoon destination by European tourists. But is the honeymoon coming to an end for hotels in the emirate? RevPAR and ADR across the city appear to be in decline, with some areas seeing double-digit drops year on year.

Hoteliers Recognize Pricing Power Through Year End

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor |

“Hold rate, hold rate, hold rate.”

 If you ask any hotel operator the biggest lesson they learned from the last downturn in 2008, this is likely the answer you would get.