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What’s On the Horizon for the Hotel Industry?

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor |

It wouldn’t be a CEO panel at a hotel conference if the biggest names on the speaker lineup weren’t asked for their predictions on upcoming industry performance.

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How Cognitive Computing Will Transform Hospitality

by Joanna DeChellis, Contributing Editor |

Plenty of companies are reorienting themselves around machine learning and predictive analytics. Take Netflix, for example: It uses machine learning to recommend movies or a series you might like based on what you’ve previously watched. But the amount of data available relating to a person’s preferences extends far beyond whether or not you like House of Cards.

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Prepare for Seasonal Dips with the Right Revenue Strategy

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor |

Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

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What NOT to Look for in a Hotel Revenue Manager

by Marco Benvenuti, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer and Co-Founder |

In my six years as co-founder of Duetto, we’ve grown from a two-man operation working at a single desk to more than 100 people in five offices across the globe. While I haven’t hired everyone at Duetto, I was highly involved in many, and I’ve led the development of a culture in which all of our new hires must fit.

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6 Changes to UK Hotel Market Dynamics

by Michael McCartan, Managing Director, EMEA |

The UK hotel market is among the most mature hospitality sectors in the world. According to MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index, London is the world’s second most visited city, with 19.88 million overnight visitors in 2016. It is also the second favourite city for tourists to spend on overnight stays, reaping £15.33 billion in 2016, ahead of New York on £14.4 billion.

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Marketing Data, Technology Enable Hotels To Compete Alongside OTAs

by Sarah McCay Tams, Contributing Editor, EMEA |

The digital revolution has given independent hotels a place on the world stage, but it is often hard to find them beneath the dominant marketing presence of the online travel agents. For many individual hotels and small chains, driving web traffic and direct bookings is a vital part of their marketing mix.

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