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Like other consumers, luxury travelers are driven by personalization

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor |

They say rich people aren’t like me or you, but that doesn’t necessarily hold true in what they expect from their travel experiences and how they realize those goals. The luxury market has been the subject of quite a bit of research lately, and most of it has reached the same conclusion: Affluent travelers want personalization and unique, connected and exclusive experiences.

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RSS Speakers Tackle Industry’s Most Pressing Issues

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor |

Put 300 like-minded professionals in the same room and your chances of solving industry challenges grow exponentially.

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Hotels’ Time to Talk About Chatbots is Right Now

by Vera Lye, Contributing Editor, APAC |

As if hotel distribution weren’t complex enough, now the machines are coming. Technology giants like Microsoft and IBM say thousands of developers are using their chatbot tools, and experts elsewhere are predicting that chatbots and other artificial-intelligence bots could soon replace websites and mobile apps as consumers’ preferred way to interact with brands.

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Zika’s Gone, Will Caribbean Hotel Demand Return?

by Pamela Espinoza, Contributing Editor, Latin America |

Hotels in Mexico and the Caribbean spent much of the last few years defending the safety of tourism in their country. Once a flurry of drug-related violence died down, the mosquito-borne illness Zika popped up, striking concern into many female travelers.

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