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How Personalized is Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Strategy?

by Joanna DeChellis, Contributing Editor |

Amazon’s personalization efforts aren’t exactly new — but they’re certainly noteworthy. For years, its product curation and recommendation algorithm has made headlines. Amazon knows if you’re a country music lover with a dog, or a runner with an obsession for organic snacks. And, in turn, it delivers to you a plethora of personalized recommendations that often inspire unplanned purchase decisions.

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Regardless of OTA Monopoly Argument, Hotels Should Refine Pricing Strategies

by Patrick Bosworth, co-founder and CEO |

The American Hotel & Lodging Association’s new lobbying and PR campaign against the online travel agencies is another front in the group’s ongoing advocacy, but it likely won’t shift hotel distribution dramatically on its own. Properties should not wait for OTA commissions to improve; they should continue to control what’s in their power, namely pricing rooms for maximum profit.

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How to Optimize Your Hotel’s Presence on Google

by Sarah McCay Tams, Contributing Editor, EMEA |

Terri Scriven is the Head of Hospitality for Google UK, which means working with hotels and accommodation providers in Europe and beyond to help them to optimise their digital distribution and online marketing strategies.

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Mexico Hotels Use New Insights to Capture Demand

by Pamela Espinoza, Contributing Editor, Latin America |

The Mexico Tourism Board announced that a record 35 million international travelers visited the country in 2016, which places Mexico at the No. 9 position of the most visited countries in the world. The impressive 9% increase from the previous year tells an important story to revenue directors as market diversification has been key.

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Hoteliers: Focus Less on Real Estate, More on Direct Bookings

by Mark Brandau, Director of Content |

A look back at last week’s top hotel headlines and how they will impact your Revenue Strategy.

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The Promise of Digital Marketing for Hotels

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor |

Compared to some business sectors, the hotel industry is ahead of the curve in employing digital marketing techniques. Compared to some other industries, however, hotels are still playing catch up, says Tim Peter, president of Tim Peter & Associates, a hospitality digital marketing strategy consulting firm.

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