Create intelligent reports and deliver actionable insights to key stakeholders in real time with ScoreBoard.

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The easiest forecast you’ll ever build

With month-level entry and the flexibility to make adjustments at the stay date level, you spend minutes, not days, building forecasts and budgets. With the ability to customize the forecast editor to fit your workflow, compiling the data you need to make the best business decisions is easy. Duetto’s industry-first “smart spreading” technology takes updates to your monthly forecast and intelligently allocates them day by day, segment by segment.

Real-time visibility into your data

Eliminate the wasted time and frustration caused by extracting and manipulating data from your other systems. Use ScoreBoard’s fully customizable reporting with dozens of metrics, filters or comparisons to find exactly what you need. Get more time to analyze trends, formulate pricing strategies and put those plans into action.

Your entire performance in one simple view

Duetto’s intelligent reporting application brings together all of your data sources, from every property, for easy visualization. Track not only your historical numbers and forecasts, but also dynamic information sets that power a truly elevated Revenue Strategy.

  • Market Trends
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Benchmarking
  • Booking Pace
  • Ancillary Revenue
  • Reservations
  • Competitor Pricing
  • Air Travel
  • OTA Rate Shops
  • Web Shopping

Explore your Data with Interactive Dashboards

With advanced dashboards, you have the power to build visualizations to understand the trends of key metrics that drive your business. Easy to build and use, the advanced dashboards feature will help you derive insights from your data to empower you to make more strategic decisions.

Multi-property management made easy

Roll everything up into customizable reports capable of presenting the big picture across the entire organization, with the ability to drill down on property-level details.

Key Benefits


Save Time

Stop waiting days for numbers to come in, and instead work with real-time data. Customize reports with more than 50 different fields of data and share with one click.


Save Money

Arm your team members with accurate, actionable data that will make them more strategic and productive. Scale your capabilities and grow your business.


Reduce Stress

Avoid the keystroking or formula errors that happen when a company runs the business on dozens of spreadsheets. Ensure your data’s integrity and reliability with a platform supported by cloud architecture.


Take Action

Make impactful decisions faster, instead of waiting too long for numbers to be analyzed, by working from advanced dashboards and data visualizations that can be shared across the entire company.

Speaking of Scoreboard

  • Fernando Vives

    “What good is all this data if it takes too long to access it or make it actionable? We’re confident that NH will be able to move beyond spreadsheets and develop better business strategies across 400 hotels around the world, now that we have far better visibility into our data and the ability to access and share it faster.

    “Speed and accuracy make all the difference when hotel distribution and traveler preferences change so quickly.”

    Fernando Vives
    Chief Commercial Officer
    NH Hotel Group

  • Susie Rossi

    “ScoreBoard is a time saver for my revenue team and my GMs. It’s beautiful to have an application that can still drill down to the 15 things you need to look at before you make a decision. I’m actually really looking forward to budget season now.”

    Susie Rossi
    Vice President of Revenue Management and Training
    Oxford Corporate

  • Alexander Klug

    “It’s been quite a difference. You used to use half a day to type in rates, changes and yielding. It’s very satisfying to know that you can be strategic and use your time better.”

    Alexander Klug
    Revenue Assistant
    Zleep Hotels

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