Offer personalized prices to attract new customers and retain your highest-value guests. Differentiate beyond points and static discounts by leveraging predictive analytics.

The Origin of PERSONALIZED Loyalty Pricing

Duetto Co-Founder Marco Benvenuti traces the beginning of Personalized Loyalty Pricing back to the casino industry’s best practices. Learn why hotels should adapt holistic customer value and reinvestment.

Optimize Your Loyalty

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Differentiate Your Loyalty Program

Reward each guest individually with a personalized price, based on what he or she spends, not a “one-size-fits-all” discount.

Set Loyalty Rates Dynamically

Change rates by customer at the stay date level, so you can always respond to changes in market demand.

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Encourage Guests to Book Direct

Members discover their loyalty rate through your direct channels instantly, thanks to our integrations with industry-leading booking engines.

Find Rates Anywhere, Anytime

Quote a personalized rate using the Find My Rate app, backed by integrations with many CRM and data warehouse providers.

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How PERSONALIZED Loyalty Pricing Works

Duetto’s whitepaper explains the future of hotel loyalty in four steps

Value Your Guests Holistically.

Our Revenue Strategy app integrates with your CRM, casino management or data warehouse provider to get your guests’ on-property spending information.

Segment Guests According to Profit.

Build as many loyalty tiers as you need to recognize customers for how much they contribute to your bottom line.

Flex Reinvestment Rates.

Set discounts dynamically based on demand conditions and the value of guests you want to attract.

Steer Customers to Book Direct.

Hotel staff and loyalty club members quickly discover guests’ personalized rates on your direct channels and the Duetto Find My Rate iPad app.

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