The Manifest Destiny of the Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS)

by Craig Weissman, CTO and Co-Founder |

In the early 2000s Siebel Systems, a traditional on-premise provider of enterprise software, was still the dominant player in CRM (Customer Relationship Management)., the inventor of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture, was still a tiny startup led by its outspoken CEO Marc Benioff, who espoused “the end of installed software.” Siebel famously said:

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The Latest – April 29th

by Eric Stoessel, VP of Marketing |
This week we made a lot of improvements on the back end. We have also released a new alert and an improvement to the mini feed. Read More

Demand More From Your Technology

by Patrick Bosworth, co-founder and CEO |
While revenue management has continued to evolve, the tools at the disposal of the revenue managers and the human resources behind the discipline remain largely unchanged. It’s one of the biggest issues facing the hotel industry today and a topic that comes up frequently in the trade press and at industry events. Read More

The Latest – April 22nd

by Eric Stoessel, VP of Marketing |

It’s Monday and we have a lot of great new features to show you. Last week we released some larger new items as well as improvements to our existing feature set. Here’s what you can now enjoy.

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The Latest and Greatest

by Eric Stoessel, VP of Marketing |
Every week we are releasing new and exciting features to our products. This week we will showcase alert mini feed, always visible report headers and our 1 click date range. Read More

One-Click Deploy at Duetto

by Neelav |

Build the latest code, take down a server, perform an upgrade, run a few sanity tests, rinse and repeat. Until recently, this was the typical deploy process here at Duetto. Duetto had only a handful of servers at the time, with each server taking approximately five to ten minutes to upgrade. Although the process was tedious, it worked for our first-year company with roughly three developers. But we knew that this manual process was not going scale, and we set out to automate as much of this as possible. Our goal was to create “the one build script to upgrade them all.”

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