How To Identify and Sell to the Bleisure Traveler

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor |

Business people seem to have a renewed love of travel, and many of them are extending their trips for a little R&R or to experience a destination. This so-called “bleisure” trend represents a great opportunity for revenue strategists to increase revenues and profits from group and corporate customers.

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7 Facts About Hotel Technology Spending in 2017

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor |

In the era of OTA booking dominance and increasing competition from the likes of Airbnb, boosting hotel loyalty has never been more critical. Airbnb has doubled the amount of lodging supply in many markets, a fact that can no longer be denied. And while OTAs remain great partners in driving incremental demand, both these outfits threaten to siphon loyal guests away from hotels.

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Expedia Eyes Aggressive Growth in Asia — and APAC Hoteliers Can Take Advantage

by Vera Lye, Contributing Editor, APAC |

The colossal online travel agency that is Expedia recently held its annual Expedia Partners Conference for 4,000 in Las Vegas. There, Expedia’s intentions were made known: It wants to be the first $100 billion travel agency in the world.

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There’s a Spotlight Shining on Hotel Tech Inefficiencies

by Marco Benvenuti, Co-Founder, Chief Analytics & Product Officer |

We’ve all had this experience before, right? You’ve waited in line to check in to your hotel after a long flight, you finally get to the front desk, and the clerk is typing away, searching for your name, and after a few minutes she says, “Hmm, are you sure you reserved this hotel?”

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3 Steps to an Optimal Mobile Strategy for Hotels

by Joanna DeChellis, Contributing Editor |

Mobile is not a future trend. It’s here now. And it’s growing. So the answer to the question many hoteliers are asking—does my hotel really need a mobile strategy—is an emphatic yes.

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