Tech teams falling short on enabling personalization, hotel loyalty

by Jason Q. Freed, Managing Editor |

Any effective hotel loyalty strategy today starts with personalization, and often requires a broad directional shift to place the customer at the center of every transaction. When looking to improve guest interactions, hotel operators often approach it from two different directions: service (front end) and data systems (back end).

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Strong Revenue Management, Not Cost Cutting, Leads to Profitability

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor |

A recent report from CRBE Hotels’ Americas Research contains both good and disturbing news for the hotel industry. The glass-half-full side of the story was that in 2016, despite flat occupancies and an anemic 2.5% rise in average daily rates, gross operating profits for the hotel industry rose a healthy 3.7%. Sounds good, right?

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Do Loyalty Bookings Have to Come Direct?

by Joyce Galvao, Senior Customer Success Manager |

Every time my car insurance renewal comes in, I shop around and, normally, I end up changing providers. Why? Because I get a better deal elsewhere. The same is true for my home insurance and travel insurance. And every time I inform my current provider that I am leaving they are nonplussed. There is no big fight to retain my business. I am not loyal to them, but likewise they are not loyal to me.

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Answering questions about hotel overbooking and walking guests

by Deon Wagener |

“Overbooking” or being “walked” are terms few people were familiar with unless they had spent time working in the hospitality or airline industries. That was until a video of a bloodied doctor being removed from an overfilled United Airlines flight spread like wildfire.

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Revenue Management Lessons in Singapore’s Changing Hotel Market

by Vera Lye, Contributing Editor, APAC |

Singapore’s visitor profiles are changing, and hotels are taking note. Once the frequent travel stop for bigwigs in the financial and oil industries, Singapore these days attracts more millennial executives from the pharmaceutical and technology trades.

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