Unleash Open Pricing with GameChanger and independently yield all segments, channels and room types in real time with new and better insights into demand.

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How Duetto Changes the Game


Open Pricing

Ditch antiquated BAR pricing and yield every segment, channel and room type independently in real time.

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Personalized Loyalty Pricing

Offer dynamic loyalty rates based on demand and customer value to drive more profitability.

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Smart Decisions Made Easy

Our industry-leading user interface makes it easy for you to focus on what matters most. Benefit from clear visualizations of important data and make critical decisions quickly with our intuitive and always improving functionality.

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Included in every edition of GameChanger.



Use web shopping regrets and denials to gauge your property’s true demand and consumers’ price elasticity.



Set up smart notifications that alert you and your staff to changes in consumer demand and market conditions.



Eliminate maintenance costs with true software-as-a-service and enjoy frequent, free updates with no system downtime.



Customize your property’s pricing rules to adjust rates in response to market dynamics and competitor activity.



Partner with our Customer Success team, led by revenue management professionals committed to optimizing your results.

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Speaking of GameChanger

  • Heather Strout, Kennebunkport Resort Collection

    “It has been my one-stop shop. I can go directly into Duetto and get all the information I need to make the best decisions about optimizing my revenue.”

    Heather Strout
    Director of Revenue Management,
    Kennebunkport Resort Collection

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  • Brian Bolf, Kokua Hospitality

    “Collecting the right data, and displaying it in the right format, intensifies that ease for the revenue manager to spend most of their day on more analytical functions, like we all want to do.”

    Brian Bolf
    Vice President of Profit Optimization,
    Kokua Hospitality

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  • Simone Truscello, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

    “What we really needed was a solution that was designed around us, rather than us having to adapt our strategy around a revenue management system.”

    Simone Truscello
    Director of Revenue Management
    Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

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  • Brandon Burtis, Coast Hotels USA

    “The system recommends some rates that might have been previously out of our comfort zone, and if we see those actually convert, that just helps bring … what we actually do up to a new level.”

    Brandon Burtis
    Corporate Director of Revenue & Distribution
    Coast Hotels USA

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See the ROI of Revenue Strategy

GameChanger customers averaged a 6.5% year-over-year RevPAR Index lift in 2016.

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