Casinos Must Keep Their Comp Sets Fresh

by Joe Hetsko, Solutions Engineer, Global Casino Accounts |

Many of us in the casino-hotel world have worked with competitive sets, some we inherited and others we created ourselves. These competitive sets are how we see if our rates are in line with the market and then how we fared against the market.

New Technology Can Change the Game for Casino Profitability

by Joanna DeChellis, Contributing Editor |

Casinos are stepping up their game and leveraging new Revenue Strategy solutions that use predictive analytics and spending data from across all profit centers—including spas, nightclubs, golf courses and retail outlets—to value guests more holistically.

Travel, gaming industries prepare for election’s consequences

by Mark Brandau, Assistant Director of Content |

Executives from the hotel, gaming and travel industries are particularly interested in the results of next month’s national election — and not just because one of the presidential candidates is a hotelier and former casino operator.

G2E Panel: Casinos’ Non-Gaming Revenue a Major Growth Opportunity

by Mark Brandau, Assistant Director of Content |

Historically in the casino business, non-gaming amenities like food and beverage, golf and especially hotel rooms were giveaways for enticing gamblers. But several industry pros gathered for a panel at last week’s Global Gaming Expo agreed those accommodations can and should be profit centers for casinos.

How to Start Analyzing Total Casino Guest Spend

by Joe Hetsko, Solutions Engineer, Global Casino Accounts |

Determining who your most profitable guests are in a casino is usually based on gaming spend. But what about those who spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on hotel stays, night clubs, day spas and all of the other amenities your property offers?

Casinos: Move to a Dynamic Direct Mail Strategy

by Joe Hetsko, Solutions Engineer, Global Casino Accounts |

Over the past few months, I have visited dozens of casinos across the country. I always sign up for a loyalty card (it’s that casino marketer in me), and then I wait to see what offers I’m sent.